Although the portfolio scope of wireless LoRa devices has grown exponentially over the last years they have so far found limited application within conventional Building Management Systems (BMS). There are a few important reasons for that fact.

- Security concerns in conjunction with data leaving premises before finding their way into a BMS, which often is the expected system architecture in conjunction with IoT devices such as LoRa.
- Need for decoding payloads in conjunction with LoRa device communication.
- Current engineering skill sets and preference towards known protocols such as BACnet IP and Modbus TCP, rather than e.g., MQTT, HTTPS and RESTful APIs.

With THE HUB IoT gateway that has now been solved. Simply select a LoRa device from our extensive library. Map its data points to your BACnet IP and/or Modbus TCP network. LoRa data payloads are automatically decoded and made available to your Building Management System on premise. A solution designed to meet the terms of conventional BMS architectures, available engineering skill sets, while taking advantage of emerging wireless IoT value creations.