Motion & Light level

WS202 LoRa®
Motion/Occupancy based on passive infrared technology (PIR). Detects movement within a range of 6-8 m.
Light status (Bright/Dark) based on customizable threshold setting.

People counter

VS121 LoRa®
Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to monitor occupancy with a recognition rate around 95% or better.
Configurable to count in up to 16 individual zones.

Indoor Air Quality

AM103/AM103L LoRa®
Measurements: Temperature, Humidity and Co2 with or without display.
Comes with NFC.

IoT Mini Controller

UC100 LoRa®

Designed for integration of conventional devices such as e.g., power meters converting Modbus RTU to LoRa.

IoT Mini Controller+

UC300 LoRa® or 3G/4G

Designed for integration of conventional sensors and devices via:
– Analog inputs
– Digital inputs
– Relay outputs
– Serial ports (RS485,RS232)

Light level

EM500-LGT LoRa®
Measuring light (Illumination) in harsh environments. Range: 0 – 100000 lux.

IP65 rated with NFC.

Up to 10 years battery life.

Outdoor ambient

EM500-Co2 LoRa®
Measuring CO2, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in harsh environments.
IP66 rated with NFC.
Up to 10 years battery life.

People flow counter

VS133 LoRa®

Bi-directional people flow counting and smart U-turn counting.
Differentiation between children, adults and detecting staffs via identification features for optimized people analysis.
Up to 99.8% accuracy. Effective in low-light and complete darkness.

Pulse counter

EM300-DI LoRa®

A compact pulse counter that transforms traditional meters into wireless intelligent meters.

Temperature & Humidity

EM320-TH LoRa®
Measuring: Temperature and humidity.
Food-grade materials and magnet design allow it to be safely placed in freezers and refrigerators in contact with food or medicines.
IP67 rated with NFC.

Temperature & Humidity

EM300-TH LoRa®
Measuring temperature and humidity.
IP67 rated with NFC.
Up to 5 years battery life.